Time4you English

Keep track of all the time you work and all the time you play right from your iPhone today! Download Time4You and start managing every hour of everyday, with clear log of everything you do within arms reach and ready to export and send to anyone via email!

Time4You is an eloquently designed brass tacks app. Now newly updated, users can enter in hours they’ve worked – or plan to work – as well as times they’ve worked out, gone to the gym, or spent leisurely via easy to use “roller” menus. Additionally, the app now boasts an advanced settings menu as well, which allows users to pick and choose default input methods and set up recurring “work-time” hours. To ensure user’s logs are precise the app even allows time logs to be broken up in both minute and hour increments.

Focused on being accessible to almost anyone, Time4You can be operated in 18 global languages ranging from English and Hindi all the way to Russian and Korean. At the conclusion of every month users are also free to export their completed time table to work, their personal computer, or anywhere else they’d like. Since exported files are output in a CSV format they can be opened in either Excel (for PC users) or Numbers (for the Mac loyal) with ease.

In today’s busy word there’s no reason that logging how you spent your personal time should be any more difficult than it has to be, and now with Time4You it’ll always stay exactly as easy as it should!


      Time4You is developed by c-care bruelisauer